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Chlamydia testing

16 – 24 and living in Oxfordshire?

You can order a free home chlamydia test.

The kits are discreetly wrapped and fit through a standard letter box.
It’s so easy – FREEPOST your sample and get your confidential result by text message.

Why get tested?

Most people don’t know they are infected as there are no symptoms in the majority of cases.

Untreated Chlamydia can cause permanent damage to the reproductive system and lead to health problems in later life, including chronic pain and infertility.

What does the test involve?

You can be tested at any of our Sexual Health clinics in Oxfordshire.

  • The test is a self-taken sample. This is a urine sample for men and a self-taken vaginal swab for women.
  • All results are handled by the Chlamydia Screening team who inform each person individually of their results.
  • All tests and results are strictly confidential and no other person is informed without permission.
  • If your result is positive, treatment is simple and effective – usually just a single dose of antibiotics, available free through the programme.

I’m not age 16-24 / I don’t live in Oxfordshire

You can still be tested for Chlamydia. Visit your local GUM or Sexual Health Clinic.

If you live locally, see Sexual Health clinics for details of Oxfordshire clinic locations and times.

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