I’m healthy

Some STIs show no symptoms –  such as chlamydia. There are 790,000 new cases of STIs are diagnosed  in the UK each year.

I like it natural

Sex with a condom can feel natural – especially with ultra-thin condoms – barely feels like you’re wearing one. Also, for some men using a condom makes erection last longer.

I don’t like them

Some people have had bad experience with condoms in the past – e.g. problems keeping erection. With a bit of practice, most men can get used to using condoms.

I lose sensitivity

Try ultra-thin condoms – barely feels like you are wearing one. Alternatively, some people like textured condoms which can boost  sensitivity for both partners.

I forgot to use one

Keep condoms by your bed. Carry some with you when you go out or go on holiday, just in case even if you are not planning on having sex.

It affects my performance

Learn to enjoy sex wearing a condom. Try masturbating with a condom on to get used to the feeling, staying hard and orgasm. You will feel more confident next time you have sex.

It ruins the moment

Make putting a condom on part of having sex. You can put the condom on while your partner undresses or your partner can put it on for you as part of foreplay.

They hurt / too tight

Condoms are available in a range of sizes so you will be able to find one that feels just right for you . You might be allergic to condoms – see below…

I’m allergic to condoms

Very few people have a genuine allergy to latex. However, for those that latex-free condoms are available.

I’m sterile

Whether someone is sterile or not, they can still pick up and pass on an STI by having unprotected sex.

We are in a relationship

Even if you have been together a while, you may not be risk-free. You or your partner may be carrying an infection without symptoms from a previous relationship.