We can provide copper coils or hormone coils (also called intra uterine devices) for contraception.

My current coil needs changing

Drop into any of our clinics where we can discuss your options, make arrangements for a suitable appointment and, if needed, provide contraception  in the meantime.

It will speed things up if you read the following leaflets before we see you:

Can I have a coil fitted at the same time as I drop in?

We do not routinely fit coils in drop in clinics. However, we will aim to offer you a fitting appointment within four weeks.

I have experienced difficulty with a previous fit or been told that a fit may be difficult

Please see your GP, who can refer you directly to us by letter. This ensures that you are booked into the correct coil clinic.

We have coil clinics, including clinics for complex fits, throughout the week at our Oxford (Churchill) clinic. We can also offer routine coils fits at our clinics in Didcot, Banbury and East Oxford (Rectory Centre).

I want a hormone coil but don’t need contraception

The hormone coil may be used for non-contraceptive purposes such as HRT or control of heavy periods. We recommend that you visit your GP who may be able to do this for you. If not, your GP can refer you by letter to our community gynaecology service which is based in Oxford’s Sexual Health Service at the Churchill Hospital.

I want to have my coil removed

Simply come along to any drop-in clinic or make an appointment at the Oxford (Churchill) clinic.

If you do NOT wish to be at risk of pregnancy, use condoms or don’t have sex for seven days before you attend.

Thinking about having a baby? See Planning a pregnancy?

I need emergency contraception

Come to one of our drop-in clinics as soon as possible following your episode of unprotected sex. You may be suitable for an emergency copper coil which is the most effective type of emergency contraception. We have special emergency coil appointments throughout the week at our Oxford (Churchill) clinic, and sometimes at the East Oxford (Rectory Centre) clinic.

More on emergency contraception.

I would like advice about my current coil

You may be able to find the answer in these leaflets:

If not, either drop in or ring the service to request a call back on 01865 231231 We aim to respond within five working days. Please note, if you do not answer your phone we will leave a message that we have rung.

If you are concerned and/or have worrying symptoms then drop in or make an appointment as soon as possible. Alternatively, see your GP.