The NHS Website – planning your pregnancy has useful up-to-date information on planning a pregnancy.

Please note: any pregnancy will involve essential appointments / contact with healthcare professionals, whilst pregnancy complications may result in more frequent hospital visits. It is important to consider the risks of COVID-19 transmission associated with such contacts, and the risk of transmission to other household and family members, when deciding whether to try for a baby at this time.

Regarding the risks associated with COVID-19 for pregnant women and their babies, little is known for certain. Evidence is still emerging and up to date guidance can be found at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists website – coronavirus infection and pregnancy.

Do you have a medical condition requiring regular treatment or medical supervision?

It is important to continue with contraception until you have seen your GP or specialist. Together you can agree a safe medical plan for you and your baby.

Don’t stop taking your regular medication without consulting your doctor.

When you stop contraception your natural fertility returns immediately for all methods except the contraceptive injection (‘Depo’) which may delay a return to your natural fertility by up to one year.

The following website has useful information on medication during pregnancy: