Specialist clinics

It is important that those who attend for continuing HIV care are seen in our specialist medical clinic sessions where you will see a doctor trained in HIV care. When booking an appointment please advise that you need to attend the medical clinic.

These clinics provide comprehensive outpatient treatment and care for people with HIV infection, as well as sexual health care and ongoing support. We also have close links with an HIV Community Support Team and specialist pharmacists.

Oxford (Churchill) medical clinic times

  • Tuesday, 1330-1630
  • Friday,  0900-1215

Banbury medical clinic times

Alternate Thursdays, 0915-1115


For most patients with HIV treatment is recommended almost immediately. If you are newly diagnosed we will arrange an appointment and discussion in one of the medical clinics.

There is no cure for HIV, but taking your medication correctly every day will reduce damage to the immune system.

Commonly asked questions

How can I transfer my HIV care from another clinic to Oxford?

We strongly advise you do this before your current prescription (if on treatment) runs out. Please get a letter from the clinic you currently attend, detailing your history, current blood results and treatment. This can be sent by post to the clinic (see contact us) or emailed. Once this is received we can book you into our specialist clinic.

If you are in urgent need of medication as it is running out, please call our health advisors who can advise the best way for you collect a repeat prescription.

What do I do if my HIV medications are running out before my appointment?

Usually the doctor who sees you will ensure you have enough medication to last until your next appointment. However, if this is not the case, then you can call the HIV specialist pharmacist on 01865 225117 (there is an answer machine, please leave a message and they will contact you).

What if my home delivery prescription has not arrived?

In the first instance, please call the contact number you have for this service to find out what has happened. If there are more issues, please contact the HIV pharmacists on 01865 225117 (there is an answer machine, please leave a message and they will contact you).