Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEPSE)

If following a sexual encounter you think you may have been exposed to HIV then there is medication available from our clinic (PEPSE) that may help prevent you catching HIV. It is important you seek help as soon as possible (the medications do not work if it is over 3 days from the encounter).

To be able to get the right help and prescription, you can attend:

Please note: the earlier you start medication, the better. So if our services are not open then a short emergency course of PEPSE can be obtained (if needed) from A&E at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

PrEP isĀ  HIV medication that can be taken to prevent catching HIV in high risk sexual settings. We are not yet able to offer this medication but we can offer support and monitoring for patients who may be buying the medication elsewhere. If you think you are having high risk sex, come and chat to our teams in Oxford (Churchill) or Banbury.

It is anticipated that we will be part of the PrEP IMPACT trial. Please see for up to date information on all the clinics in the UK who participate in the trial.