Am I eligible for the HPV vaccination?

If you are a man who has sex with men and are aged 45 years and under, then you are eligible for the HPV vaccination.

How do I get the HPV vaccination?

You need to attend either the Oxford (Churchill) or Banbury sexual health clinics. You can make an appointment or come along to a drop-in clinic.

What will happen?

You will be given a small injection in your arm. You will also be offered a screen for sexually transmitted infections.

You need 3 injections in total, with the second at least one month after the first and the third at least 3 months later. If you are under 15 yrs you only need 2 doses.

What is HPV?

Human papillomavirus is a virus that infects the skin and mucous membranes. It usually has no symptoms but some strains cause genital warts. Other strains can persist and lead to cancers of the anus, throat and penis. The HPV vaccine helps protect against HPV infection.