Sexual health is about having a happy, fulfilling and safe sex life. To maintain or improve sexual health, it helps to have accurate information and take the time to make decisions and negotiate what you want and don’t want.

A sexual health advisor can help someone understand what is happening when they:

  • Are undergoing tests
  • Have received test results
  • Are undergoing treatment

They can also help the person to decide what to do about current or previous partners who may need to be examined or treated, and can also take on the responsibility of contacting partners who may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Sexual health advisors are also able to:

  • Give general advice regarding sexual health
  • Provide advice on HIV and other blood borne infections for patients, relatives and carers
  • Discuss STI and HIV testing
  • Assess new patients
  • Facilitate clinic access for young or vulnerable adults
  • Refer to ongoing support services, especially for those who allege sexual assault
  • Discuss issues of sexuality and sexual identity
  • Provide support following accidental possible exposure to HIV through unprotected sex with someone known to be HIV positive

Sexual health advisors are available for one-to-one, confidential discussions in a comfortable, private room or over the telephone – call 01865 231231 (option 3).

If you feel it would be helpful to talk about an aspect of sex or sexual health with one of the sexual health advisors, ask any member of staff at the Oxford or Banbury clinics or phone for an appointment.

If you have seen a sexual health advisor before, and would like to see the same person again, we will try our best to organise that for you.