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Breast cancer and progestogen-only contraception

A recently published study has demonstrated a small increased risk of breast cancer in people using progestogen-only contraceptive methods (progestogen-only pills, implant, injection and progesterone coil / IUS). The increased risk is the same as the risk associated with using combined hormonal methods (combined pill, patch or vaginal ring). The small increased risk with the combined hormonal contraception has been known about for a long time. This recently published study adds to what is already known.  The risk disappears over time after stopping the method.

If you are using or considering using a progestogen-only method and you are concerned, please contact us for a telephone appointment and we can discuss the risks and benefits with you individually. It is safe to continue your method in the meantime.

You can also find reliable information about this issue by following this link: FSRH response to new study on use of combined and progestogen-only hormonal contraception and breast cancer risk – Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare