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I have symptoms of infection

When you think you have something wrong, it is important to get checked.

Please book a telephone appointment; you will then be given a clinic appointment if necessary.

What are symptoms of infection?

Symptoms might include:

  • An unusual discharge
  • Pain during sex
  • Pelvic or testicular pain
  • Pain passing urine
  • Bleeding after sex or in between periods
  • Skin rashes, sores (ulcers), lumps or bumps

What infections might I get tested for?

The tests we carry out depend on your individual symptoms and circumstances. We will always talk you through what tests you will have. For more information, go to infections we test for.

When will I find out if I have an infection?

Some infections can be diagnosed in clinic. You can then be given the best treatment before you leave.

Other infections need to be sent off for testing. You will usually get the results by text message within 2 weeks (you must let us know if you don’t want to get your results by text). Please contact us if you have not received your results and it has been 2 weeks.