Fitting an implant

Do you wish to have an implant fitted for contraception? Then simply make an appointment or drop into one of our clinics.

It will speed things up if you read the following leaflet from the FPA before you see us: Your guide to the contraceptive implant (pdf; 190 KB)

Replacing or removing an implant

Do you have an implant in place that you wish to have removed or replaced with a new one?

Please ring 01865 231231 and select option 2 or 3 to make an appointment for this procedure. Appointments are available at the Oxford (Churchill) clinic, at the East Oxford (Rectory Road) clinic, and at Banbury Sexual Health Clinic. Tell the receptionist where you live so that they can offer you the most convenient appointment.

We advise that you do not attend a drop in clinic for an implant removal or replacement as drop in clinics can become very busy and there may not be clinicians present who are specifically qualified to undertake these procedures.

However, we advise you to attend a drop in clinic if

  • Your implant needs replacing and has been in for three years or more, so we can provide you with additional contraceptive cover until your implant is replaced.
  • You have had your implant for less than six months and have unacceptable bleeding with it. We may be able to stop this with additional hormone; it is also important that we look for other causes of bleeding, such as infection.
  • You have other concerns you wish to see us about, such as screening for STIs.

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