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We can only offer contraception services to people living in areas covered by Oxfordshire County Council (find your local council on the GOV.UK website).

If you live outside this area, please contact your local sexual health service instead. GPs and your local pharmacy may also be able to offer you advice and access to contraception.

Breast cancer and progestogen-only contraception

A recently published study has demonstrated a small increased risk of breast cancer in people using progestogen-only contraceptive methods (progestogen-only pills, implant, injection and progesterone coil / IUS). For more information, see Breast cancer and progestogen-only contraception.

What types of contraception can I get?

We offer a full range of contraceptive options, including:

We do not stock or supply the vaginal contraceptive ring.

Visit the Contraception Choices website for more information on the different types of contraception available. Contraception is free of charge to everybody.

Can I access contraception online?

We are able to prescribe some contraception without seeing you in clinic, however you will need to have a telephone appointment with a clinician to decide what is best for you.

We are unable to send the medication to you but you can choose to collect it from one of four sites across Oxfordshire (Oxford, Banbury, Witney or Didcot).

I am under 16 years old, can I get contraception?

Yes. Please book a telephone appointment to discuss:

We are a confidential service and do not routinely pass on information to anyone outside the Sexual Health Service (such as your parents, teachers, GP/family doctor or social worker).

We always ask young people some questions about safety.  If we are worried about you, we may have to talk to other professionals who could offer further support. We would always do our best to discuss the options with you.

We also offer the Safety C-Card condom scheme.