All information, including test results, remain confidential within the clinic and information is not passed on to anyone else. This includes your GP and any past or present sexual partners.However, if your GP has referred you to the clinic with a referral letter, we will write back to your GP to let him or her know the outcome of your attendance. We may also ask your permission to inform your GP of contraception being issued/fitted.

Under 16?

A particular set of laws apply to information relating to those between 13 and 15 years of age called the Fraser Guidelines, which allow health professionals to prescribe contraceptive and other medication without parental/carer knowledge. More information is available in our section for young people.

Limitations to confidentiality

The only time we may need to discuss your attendance with other care providers outside of the clinic is if we believe that you may be at risk of harm to yourself, or to others. In such circumstances we would always do our very best to talk to you first about why we feel that this is necessary.

The safety and well being of our patients is always our top priority.