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Can you feel your contraceptive implant?

We have been made aware of a recent video on social media showing a case where someone’s contraceptive implant moved to an artery in her lungs. This is a very serious complication and we understand that this may have made some implant users concerned.

We want to reassure all of our implant users that this complication is incredibly rare. It occurs in around 1 in every million cases. This can only happen when, at the time that the implant is inserted, it is inserted into a blood vessel rather than the skin. If it is inserted into the skin correctly, it cannot move into a blood vessel or into the lung.

If you can feel your implant after it has been inserted, this means it is in the skin and CANNOT move into your blood vessel or lung.

If you cannot feel your implant, please book an appointment so we can check that your implant is in the right place.